Gear Head Tuesday – Packard Truck in Serbia by Night

Gear Head

packard truck at night 8

The Packard Motor Car Company built 43,484 trucks between 1908 and 1923. The United States Army bought 10,000 of those trucks. Most of those 10,000 were sent to Europe when the United States entered World War I. “Packard Truck Dave”, as we’ve seen in previous posts, is one of the most knowledgeable people in the world about Packard trucks. Dave helped restore a Packard truck found in Serbia owned by the late Sait Hadzic. Sait died of leukemia shortly after the restoration of the truck was completed. The truck is now owned by Sait’s son, Sasha. Dave wrote:

“My good friend Sasha Hadzic in Belgrade, Serbia just sent me pictures of his Packard – they are awesome.

I helped Sasha’s late father Sait with parts for the Packard – Sait did see the Packard restored but sadly passed away from leukemia a month after restoration was 2014.”

Here are some of  the photos Sasha sent Dave:

packard truck at night 6

packard truck at night 1

packard truck at night 7

packard truck at night 3

packard truck at night 2

packard truck at night 5

packard truck at night 4


fun and games-airbag

Classic Kodachrome photos of Service Stations in the ’50s & ’60s as posted at Curbside Classic

standard station-la

A Standard (now Chevron) station in Los Angeles with 2 now-dead car makes: Mercury and Oldsmobile.


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  1. Always a great story. You know those were tough mules!

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