The Best of The Week In Pictures – State of the Union Edition

Steven Hayward

Steven Hayward’s
The Week In Pictures – State of the Union Edition

Nancy P. Lousy-what's in it

“This is one of those weeks where all the incoming lines are jammed. Virginia Democrats vying with Venezuela for the Best Meltdown in a Socialist Role. House Democratic women vying for the Worst Imitation of the Stepford Wives remake. Jeff Bezos trying out a new slogan, “Make Tabloids Great Again.” Elizabeth Warren revealed (again) to be Chief Big Fraud. A “Green New Deal” offered up as the greatest satire of trolling ever conceived. But above all, Season 3 of The Trump Show is off to a boffo start, with Nielsen ratings up more than 10 points from last year’s season opener. And yet people think Trump is dumb.”

SOTU-Nancy P. Lousy's notes

Nancy P. Lousy-Chuck-AOC







Eastern Kentucky

CNN_Rams_Broward County

Read the whole thing >>HERE<<

Check out the political cartoons of Henry Payne




And now, in closing:

Virtue Signal

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