Best of The Week In Pictures – Close Down The Barr Edition


Steven Hayward writes:

“That croaking sound you hear are the dying hopes of the Trump Derangement sufferers as their malady enters its terminal phase, their dreams shattered by the stolid performance of Attorney General William Barr. Up next, the Inspector General’s report from the Justice Department. Unfortunately there’s no vaccination for liberalism. Keep on Trumpin! Good times!”

Barr-Democrats Are Whiney Brats

Barr-Can't Unsee This

Michael Ramirez weighs in:

Ramirez-Barr Lynching

Ramirez-Redacted Barr

… as does Henry Payne:

Barr Muellerstein

… now, back to Steven Hayward:

Biden-Creepy Banjo Boy

Biden's Five Jobs

Biden-Opening Speech

… with more from Henry Payne:



… now back to Steven Hayward:

Bernie and Schmuck

Democrat Clown Car

Trump-Clowns to the Left

Trump burns the Deep State

San Francisco Dogs

Cow Farts

Big Foot Fact

Bar-B-Cue Grill

Steven helps us stay up to date with news from Floriduh:

Floriduh woman

… and, like us, he’s anti-vegan:

Vegan banana thief

We close with this, but encourage you to read the whole thing HERE.

Nothing written in Stone

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