YJCMTSU – Prius Cop Chase Edition!


 Via Twitchy – Only in LA:
Environmentally Conscious Criminal Shooting At Police From a Toyota Prius!

There was a police chase in East Los Angeles on Friday where the passenger in this “environmentally friendly” Toyota Prius was seen leaning out the window and shooting at police:

Click to play:

Prius shoot out 1

The chase finally ended and police ended up in a standoff with the two criminals who really care about the planet:

Prius shoot out 2

Sigh. All of the carbon saved by the Prius is being wasted with the BearCat, armored vehicles and drone:

Prius shoot out 3


Prius shoot out 4

According to reports, the driver — a woman — surrendered. And it looks like the passenger was injured and it’s about over:

Prius shoot out 5

Prius shoot out 6

Prius shoot out 7Prius shoot out 8Prius shoot out 9


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  1. Well at least it was entertaining, THANKS, and I do appreciate people who want to save the planet!

    Liked by 1 person

    • HAHAHAHAHA … even if they are shooting at the cops while doing it! (As if driving a Prius is really going to help! I don’t believe all this climate doom and gloom anyway. If you read Steven Hayward regularly at Power Line, he frequently shows how these climate alarmists are all frauds whose real agenda is government control over everyone and everything … End of rant.) 🙂


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