The Best of The Week In Pictures – Train Wreck Edition


The Week In Pictures – Train Wreck Edition

Steven Hayward writes:

“I’m thinking of printing up some bumper stickers that read, “Honk if you’re a Democrat who is not running for president!” Mayor de Blasio is now in, no doubt with memories of how well both John Lindsay and Rudy Giuliani fared with their base in Gracie Mansion. Don’t they know you need to live midtown on 5th Avenue to win the White House? Is there a switchyard big enough to handle this many presidential candidates, or is 2020 fated to be the Great Train Wreck Election for Democrats? Meanwhile, groundhogs everywhere have a new reason to dread February 2.”


The Trump Economy is no train wreck:

Trump 2019

On the other hand, we have:

DeBlasio -Experience without competence

DeBlasio runs for President


Bernie 96% tax

'rats-Spend and tax


AOC-Factose Intolerant

Grumpy cat-Hitlery

Orwell called it right

Walk into a Barr

… speaking of walking into a Barr, Michael Ramirez sums it up:

Ramirez-Barr vs Spy


Floriduh-embarrassmentFloriduh-General LeeFloriduh-syringes

Floriduh-other states

Read the whole thing >>HERE<<

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