Gear Head Tuesday – More Photos of Tito’s Packard

Gear Head

Tito's Packard - grill

A few weeks ago, we posted photos of the restored 1948 Packard Super Eight Victoria once owned by Yugoslav dictator Josip Tito. Packard Information frequent contributor “Owen Dyneto” was kind enough to send additional photos of this Packard.

Tito's Packard - gas stationJPG

Tito's Packard being filmed

“E.E.”, knowing our fondness for Packards, sent these photos of a 1930 Packard Custom Eight  7-40 Sport Phaeton, one of 8 Packards offered at Hershey last weekend:

'30 Packard-Hershey catalog

1930 Packard-radiator

1930 Packard at Hershey

1930 Packard hub cap

,,, he was also kind enough to send these images of a Packard at Hershey:

Packard at Hershey

My other car is a Packard

… hee hee … This owner’s other car may be a Packard, but he needs to renew the registration on this one!

See more Hershey photos at Disaffected Musings.


Le Jeep

,,, or not: FCA Withdraws From Renault Merger Offer After Nissan Balks At Terms

There were (ahem) problems the last time Renault and Jeep were together.


You know you’ve arrived when you drive a Furari:


… and here’s how that hot Furari sounds:

Laughing emoji


“B-Squared” forwarded this photo of air conditioning being piped in to customers in a Drive-In restaurant in hot, humid Houston, TX in 1957. The car is a 1954 Cadillac – and it is air conditioned. Note the clear plastic tubes in the rear package shelf. The air conditioning unit was in the trunk of the car. Packard was the first to introduce factory air – in 1941 – and Packard was the first to integrate the A/C into the instrument panel with the ’55 models.







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  1. Nice post…thanks for the link to Disaffected Musings. I took so many photos at Hershey that I might be posting them for days.

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  2. Louis, Tito’s name was Josip Broz.

    Packard introduced in-dash a/c with ’56 models & my 400 is so equipped.


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    • Hi, Barry – You are correct that Tito’s family name was Broz. That information was included in the original post but I didn’t repeat it here.

      I’ve confirmed through several sources – plus I’ve personally seen at least 3 ’55 Packards with factory air with the air outlets being mounted in the top of the instrument panel as is the case on your ’56.


  3. Stuart R. Blond 11/06/2019 — 19:52

    The first Packards with A/C were built in 1940. The compressor ran ALL of the time, so if you didn’t want the A/C you had to remove the belt! For 1941, the compressor could be shut off.

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    • Thank you for correcting me on the date! Every time I don’t fact check myself, I make an error!
      Perhaps there’s a promising career waiting for me at CNN – they never let the facts get in the way of their opinions! 🙂


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