Firecracker Funnies – Or Not …

Hat tips today to “B-Squared”, Henry Payne &, Michael Ramirez & “TerrellAfterMath

Betsy Ross-racist

4th Believe-Offend Kaepernick


'Rats-pledge of allegiance

Ramirez-food fight

GOP vs. 'Rats

Death and DemocRATS

Free range humans

3 categories of Libruls

Nancy P. Lousy-Constitution

Nancy P. Lousy-HOR

Trump-Schmuck-Nancy P. Lousy


Biden t-shirt

Grope and Dope

Little Rock Redux




Mueller quit digging

Unlike the case with Old Hitlery:
(® ™ DNC • Both Old Hitlery & the DNC are wholly-owned subsidiaries of George Soros.)

Trump Accusers


Libruls-Gender Gap

Left Compares 4th to a Nazi Parade


Re-Read the Constitution

And now, in closing for this 4th of July:

Happy Independence Day-TerrellAfterMath


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  1. Eric Butler 04/07/2019 — 02:17

    All funny. All sad.

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  2. All funny, but sadly ALL are true!!

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  3. Kenneth Felton 04/07/2019 — 04:21

    Great selection. Happy Fourth!

    Liked by 1 person

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