Gear Head Tuesday – Morgan Event in England

Gear Head

“Ol’ Petrol Head” writes from England:

“From Mike the Morgan owner. His outing last Sunday to Burton Bradstock, along the coast. There’s a ‘famous’ shack ‘The Hive’ on the beach selling fish & chips. The main attraction I guess. According to him there were 103 like minded Morgans on a jolly.
Think of a collective noun? Old Fartz? But I’m afraid MG owners are no better & more plentiful!”

Morgan gathering map



The Morgan Motor Company was founded early in the 20th century in Malvern, Worchestershire, England when H.F.S. Morgan built a three-wheel cycle car. Rather than having the single wheel at the front, he placed the single wheel at the rear, having found this arrangement made the vehicle more stable. The initial cycle car was built in 1909. Several friends wanted Morgan to build one for them and thus one of the most iconic motor works got its start.

Morgan logo

In many ways, Morgan cars are anachronisms. They are not built on an assembly line. Most of them still use ash wood in the construction of their bodies. They are moved from one assembly area to the next through a series of inter-connected workshops that flow downhill, until at last, a finished Morgan rolls out the door. Some 160 craftsmen hand build about 1,300 cars a year.

In 1936, the company introduced the 4/4 model, its first 4 wheel vehicle. The name signifies “4 wheels and 4 cylinders.” The 4/4 remains in production today and is thus the world’s longest-running production series automobile.

The 3-wheeler was dropped in 1952, but a modern version was launched in 2011 and is still available.

The +4 was introduced in 1950 as a larger-engined version of the 4/4. When the ex-Buick aluminum V-8 tooling was sold to Rover, Morgan introduced the +8 powered by that fine little V-8. The +8 remains in production, now powered by a BMW V-8.


Vintage pickup trucks – Salinas, CA
Via Curbside Classic





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  1. Eric Butler 09/07/2019 — 02:51

    Thank you for showing us a beautiful area of England, as well as excellent links to all things Morgan. I/we learned a lot.

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  2. michael cenit 09/07/2019 — 05:29

    Nice story, I’ve always liked English cars. In a way automobiles reflect the character of the country they are from;
    Italian cars are kind of fun, German cars kind of authoritiarian, like “you will sit this way, or you will steer this way” and so on, the Japanese cars are amazingly orderly and civilized, as are the Korean cars. The French cars, are I guess just French cars. American cars are really appliances, take care of them just a little bit, and they take care of you and do the job they were made for.
    With that said the Morgan is a throwback to England a hundred and twenty years ago, made when the Brits liked to “tinker”, I’ve had a few English cars, still have a XJ8, I had a MG TF 1250 and really enjoyed it, but man did it take “tinkering”, the valves, the twin SU’s and so on. The interesting thing about Morgan’s, is it was built for 1909 sized Brits to fit in it, with seats that are “fixed” (I’m not sure if they still are), modern Americans can just look into them and likely can’t get in them certainly can get out.

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  3. Gary Lindstrom 09/07/2019 — 07:36

    Morgan brings back memories of 1960-1961 when I had rides in a nearly new Morgan. I remember it as the hardest riding car that I was ever in.

    Liked by 1 person

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