The Squad – The Movie

Meet “The Squad

Anti-American Anti-Semitic* Woefully Ignorant Socialist This is today’s Democratic Party

Case in point >>HERE<<


John Hinderaker at Power Line has posted the White House’s take down of “The Squad”:

“The White House has taken aim at “The Squad” (“leaders of the Democrat Party”) with this highly effective video. It features President Trump quoting Squad members before an audience, followed by video of the Squad member (Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley) saying exactly what Trump alleged. The video clips expose the Squad’s racism, anti-Americanism, and sheer stupidity.”

Click to play:

Sen. Rand Paul Offers To Buy Omar Ticket to Her Native Somalia
“… so “she might come back and appreciate America more.”

Rand Paul-Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar Divorcing Husband Amidst Allegations of Immigration Fraud
From:The Daily Mail U.K. – U.S. papers won’t report the truth on The Squad.
(Hat tip: “B-Squared”)

Ilhan Omar’s marital history is… colorful, to say the least. It makes your average season of The Bachelorette look tame by comparison. With the recent announcement of her imminent divorce from her current husband Ahmed Hirsi, tax fraud seems to be challenging the franchise as the catalyst for the most divorces.

Omar has now dumped her current husband Ahmed Hirsi – who she first married in a religious ceremony in 2002 and divorced in 2008 – and moved into a penthouse apartment in one of Minneapolis’s trendiest neighborhoods, has learned exclusively.

But Hirsi, is also spending time at the apartment, which is in the Mill District sector of Minnesota’s largest city, when she is out of town.

Omar herself has responded to 0 requests for comments, which is amazingly less than the “I’m sorry, I just can’t say anything” DailyMail got from Hirsi.

I don’t know, if you wanted to allay suspicions and allegations, I feel like being open about your family and marital history would be a good start. Why not just provide proof that she never married her brother? Is it because you lack proof to provide??

I get that love and relationships are complex things, but while I really want to believe that Omar is just trying to do what’s best for herself and her family, the context is just too fishy. The lid is about to blow on the allegations that she committed immigration fraud by marrying her brother after her first divorce from Hirsi; it’s hard to see this as anything but a preparatory measure for the inevitable storm.

Or, who knows, maybe she has another brother who’s looking to gain US citizenship.

Ilhan's Divorce


The Reason

AOC-Nancy P. Lousy

AOC-Nancy P. Lousy-shoe shine




ICE at Polling Stations

Tax racism-Sharpton



And finally:

The world’s greatest TV journalist, Ron Burgundy, defines “Diversity” (12 seconds):
(Hat tip: Steven Hayward)

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