The Squad – Separated at Birth Edition

The Squad

Meet “The Squad

Anti-American Anti-Semitic  Woefully Ignorant Socialist This is today’s Democratic Party

AOC-brain-separated at birth




Cummings-Omar welcomes

… Speaking of Baltimore:

Cummings' RaceCard

Sharpton-gas can-Baltimorerats leaving Baltimore

Baltimore 'Rats

Baltimore crime and trash

Two versions of this one:

Answer to Baltimore's problems

Trump-answer to Baltimore's rat problem


… Speaking of Red Bernie:

Bolshevik Bern

Group photo of everyone Bernie Sanders has lifted from poverty

… which brings us to  …

Criminal Organization

Russian donations to Clintons

… Arkancides are real, folks:

Arkancide-Salvatore Cincinelli

Spartacus ID laws

… Willie Brown can vouch for this:

Kamel Toe's knee pads

Kamel Toe - black votes

Hitler and today's DemocRATS

Zombies and DemocRAT rally

The 'Rats' version of the MAGA hat

More News You Can Use:

Betsy Ross' 2nd flag

… And now, in closing:

Thief-run for office

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