Saturday Politics – Chicago Pizza Edition

Chicago Pizza

Chicago gun violence



Ban Democrats from owning guns

Kamala Harris-gun confiscation

Red flag law

'Rats-Dog Whistle Headphones

Definition of racist

DemocRATS-Lord of the Flies

Drag Racing

Non-Binary-gender fluid

Economics 101

Electoral College

Epstein-Comey's daughter


Sleepy Joe

'Rats-Supreme Court

Obama Statue-MAGA hat


Steven Hayward’s

The Week In Pictures – Annexation Edition

Steven writes:
“So the annexation of Greenland has hit a snag. That’s okay. We can go back to having western Canada back on the top of the acquisition list. Meanwhile, I don’t understand what the left and the media (but I repeat. . .) have their knickers all in a bunch because Trump claimed to be “the chosen one.” Didn’t they call Obama “The One”? At least Trump didn’t choose himself, unlike Mr. “We-Are-The-One-We’ve-Been-Waiting For.” What?”

Trump-the Chosen One

Read the whole thing >>HERE<<


And now, in closing:

Be the America Hong Kong thinks you are

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