The Squad – Home Wrecker Edition

The Squad

wanna-be nation wrecker, real home wrecker

Let her try to get away with this in Somalia …

Ilhan Omar’s Husband Wants Divorce After Ilhan Caught Cheating with Her Political Consultant

With Minnesota Democrat Ilhan Omar it’s hard to choose which is worse:
– Marrying your brother
– Wrecking someone else’s marriage
– Trying to wreck America

Let’s just skip the theft of campaign funds, perjury, and assorted other frauds & felonies and just go with: All of the above.

Of course she denies everything [think: Taqqiya and/or CYA] FEC charges, Divorce filings, a Congressional Resolution in the works to expel her from Congress [Art.1, Sec.5, US Constitution] and your obviously lying eyes.
– Now about that SHARIA law this Muslima ‘loves like a brother’ requiring stoning for marital infidelity…
Omar loves him like a 'brother'...

Omar-minority rights

Saudi-hangs gays

diversity=cultural enrichmentAOC-WarmingDiseases

'Rats-going left

'Rats-Left Turn

Biden-power outage

O'Donnell's latest scoop

Fbook Notice Truth



0 days since last Arkancide

Arkancide-Epstein investigator


Trump is in Putin's pocket

… And now, in closing:

Trump-Winning is so much fun

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