AOC’s Dental Floss

Hat tip: “B-Squared”:

AOC using the flag as dental floss

Hate the White Man

Mayors of Baltimore

CNN staff-Lolita Express


'Rats and photo ID

Speaking of Librul Hypocrisy:

Violent B. HUSSEIN O.

'Rats coming for our guns

Nancy P. Lousy-mass shootingsJPG

If gun control works

Criminals and guns

Gun control shoes


Grand Theft Eurozone

Brexit Updates from “Sundance” at The Conservative Treehouse:

Brexit is a Gordian Knot – Who Is The World’s Premier Gordian Knot Cutter?

Report: PM Boris Johnson Has Simple Plan to Legally Stop Brexit Extension

Farage-1 GB




Facts about Republicans



Group portrait of Congress:

Congress Group Portrait

Kick them out of Congress

Incumbency is the problem

Congress-mentally ill


And now, in closing:

Bread and Circuses


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  1. Chris Marshall 09/09/2019 — 08:36

    Shouldn’t it be called ” AOC’s MENTAL floss”?

    Liked by 1 person

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