AOC & The Face of Socialism

Face of Socialism

Elizabeth Heng, daughter of Cambodian immigrants who fled certain death at the hands of the Communists in Cambodia, ran for a Congressional seat in California in 2018. A political newcomer, she ran a great race and came close to flipping a seat that had not been held by a Republican since the 1970s back to the GOP side.

Appalled by the embrace of Socialism by AOC, the Squad and the rest of the Democrat party, Heng has launched the New Faces PAC to get the anti-Socialist message out. She ran this hard-hitting ad (30 secs.) during the Democrat full embrace of Communism Debate in Houston last week. Click to play:

Get to know & support the New Faces PAC >>HERE<<

Fredo-Elizabeth Heng

CNN’s Fredo Cuomo attempts to scold creator of AOC’s face-burning photo ad into submission >>HERE<<


AOC Releases “Green New Deal” Posters That Look Like Soviet Propaganda

You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up.
The DemocRATS have gone full Communist.

AOC-Green New Deal Posters



AOC-cow fart

DemocRATS vs. the Constitution

tonight's episode of I hate America.png


AOC to P. Lousy-Move Over

More on the CPUSA DemocRATS



Ilhan Omar: Hating America, flouting our laws, breaking up marriages

Read it >>HERE<<

Omar-someone else's husband

Ilhan Omar-lies about 9:11Ilhan Omar-Taqiyya



'RAT scare tactics

'Rats - NC defeat power position




libs fascists


CNN-Punditry Guide




Trump wins Dem debate

And now, in closing:

Old Hitlery-Make a Wish

tonight's episode of I hate America.png

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