Gear Head Tuesday: Electric Car Owners Shocked by California Blackouts

Gear Head

Electric Car Owners Shocked by California Blackouts

By Jim Treacher at PJ Media

Elon Musk rescues CA

Everybody knows that electric cars are going to save the planet from climate change or something. Unlike regular cars, which run on gasoline and make all the polar bears cry as they sink into the sea, electric cars are powered by… um… magic? Mjölnir, the hammer of Thor? That must be how it works, or else owning an electric car would impose some sort of cost to the environment. And that can’t be, or those guys wouldn’t be so insufferably smug.

You know those intentional blackouts they’re having in California to reduce the risk of wildfires? Well, guess what happens now?

Elon Musk-Tesla charging station tweet

John Pearley Huffman, Car and Driver:

Weeks can be a long wait if you’re looking at a Model 3 in your garage with a drained battery, no electrical power to charge it, and the closest grocery store with power 80 miles away. But such is life in the Golden State, where forests and chaparral are all on hair triggers ready to ignite with slightest transformer malfunction or transmission line break. And the political environment demands minimal risk after the 2018 fire season produced 8527 conflagrations burning an astonishing 1,893,913 acres of wild lands and more than 18,000 structures…
California is experimenting with its power-generation future. And right now, that experiment is hurting. Particularly those electric-car owners with dead batteries.

So if you’re a Californian who bought an electric car to save the environment, now you can’t drive it because of the risk to the environment. If you really cared about the planet, you wouldn’t go anywhere or do anything or participate in 21st-century life at all.

Whatever happened to those algae-powered cars we were supposed to have by now? Remember Obama talking about those? Imagine driving around smelling like a dirty fish tank. Smirking at all those planet-killing dummies in their outdated electric cars. That’s the thing about being woke. There’s always somebody woker.

Tesla-powered by coal

Coal powered electric cars

AAA-charging electric car

CA-Lights Out

Now for something fun:

How to Park a Lamborghini

(Hat tip: “B-Squared”)
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  1. michael cenit 15/10/2019 — 07:35

    One has to wonder why solar charging stations we not part of the plan from the start?

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  2. Gary Lindstrom 15/10/2019 — 08:37

    I like the use of the word “shocked” in the heading.

    Liked by 1 person

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