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We interrupt our worries and fret-filled daily programming for a brief respite.

Remember when President Trump had the boys and girls Little League champs at the White House last week?…

Click to play:

There’s a whole lot of fun happening there….

Come to think of it, President Trump has a remarkable ability to focus on the big picture amid circumstances that would likely overwhelm most people. His ability to live in the moment and compartmentalize challenges is a very significant strength.

It would be challenging for anyone to face complex global issues and geopolitics, while simultaneously battling domestic political adversaries…. let alone, stop mid-day and give 100% of your attentive self to celebrate with a group of kids and ensure they understood how valuable and important they are…. Yup, President Donald Trump can do that.

Moments later, back to the ‘complicated business‘.

Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour

Somewhere deep in the locked recesses of Pelosi, Schumer and crew; in a place they would never admit; I’ll bet you a donut they admire and respect a scale of fortitude and focus they have never seen before. Even through the hate and opposition, the gnats must wonder how come they cannot put a visible dent in this President’s focus and resolve…

Something special.

We now return you to the regularly scheduled fake-news crisis du jour.

The Little League team got a real surprise when they were flown home to Louisiana on Air Force One with the President aboard:

Click to play:


Despite the unceasing efforts of the Democrats to overturn the 2016 election, President Trump completed his 1,000th day in office yesterday.



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  1. Eric Butler 16/10/2019 — 09:45

    The Pelosi Pack, et al, need to be slapped-down, and slapped-down good, and for good. Those liberal Nazis are poison, a cancer that must be cut-out. I forget who said it, but the dummoctats “will find a problem for every solution” to save their collective, gold-digger asses.

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  2. Chris Marshall 16/10/2019 — 12:30

    Excellent post! KAG ’20!

    Liked by 1 person

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