Baltimore Congressman Elijah Cummings Is Dead

Elijah Cummings

Cause of death is variously reported as being from Hammer & Sickle Cell Anemia or death due to a toxic infection”

Death from a toxic infection? Is this the first case of someone dying from Trump Derangement Syndrome?

Some news reports indicate his death was due to a severe strain of Treponema Pallidum Syphilis that was dormant and reanimated following surgery.

• Elijah Cummings Signed Subpoenas From His Death Bed – But Signatures on Two Subpoenas Don’t Match >>HERE<<

• Leftist Hot Take: Maybe Trump’s Twitter attacks on Rep. Elijah Cummings contributed to his death >>HERE<<


'Rats-protected classes-Cummings-Omar

Cummings 33rd form of racism

Cummings' RaceCard

Cummings-Omar welcomes



'Rats then and now


Obama-corrupt administration

5th End of the World Survivor

cnn-fake-news-trumpTrump-LatinaTrump vs. 'Rats in debate

And now, in closing:

Trump: 100% America First


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  1. Excuse me for saying so but..It is a little tacky to post these so close to his funeral – even if they are all true.

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    • Understood, GP – and for that very reason, I hesitated about posting this. Then I realized that their side wouldn’t hesitate to post something in the same vein had it been a Conservative who had died. When their side starts being decent again – not holding my breath – I’ll do the same. That said, no offense taken by your point! 😊

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      • Now that you bring it up – I guess you’re right. They never hesitate to make mountains out of mole hills and news out of nothing.

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      • Our side keeps losing because by instinct, we want to be civil and fair. OTOH, their side will stop at nothing. They believe rules of civility do not apply to them – they only apply to us. We’ve got to punch back or lose.

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