Everyone I Don’t Like Is A Russian Hacker

Tips of the hat to “B-Squared” and “the Undertaker” today!

Hitlery-Russian Hackers

Old Hitlery* asked to leave Costco after repeatedly accusing the sample lady of being a Russian asset:
* Old Hitlery is a ® Registered ™ Trade Mark of the DNC. Both the DNC and Old Hitlery are wholly-owned subsidiaries of George Soros.
Hitlery-Costco-Russian asset

Watch: Tulsi Gabbard Responds to Hillary Clinton on Tucker Carlson.
I stand against everything that she represents.”

Andrew Yang & Marianne Williamson Defend Tulsi Gabbard From Hillary’s Wacky “Russian Asset” Charges.

hitlery is-a-criminal

… Meanwhile, in Hell:

Cummings-McVAIN-dry heat


Cummings-Trump's 2nd term


The Squad

AOC-Gore-12 years

World is doomed by2030

AOC-Global Warming-cold war




'Rats-changing light bulbs


Mad libs-impeachment



• Mexican Word of the Day



Seeing Red:

Life in China

Shut up and dribble-1

Shut up and dribble-2Xi-NBA

• Separated at Birth – Xi Jingping Edition:

Separated at Birth-XI



And now, in closing: RINOs, we are looking at YOU:

No Accountability

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