Trump and the Truth

Trump and the truth

Truth about Trump
Quid pro Joe logo

Biden-Barack-lost number



'Rats Marxist platform


Bernie-Visit Venezuela

Socialism in your front yard

Socialists-don't contribute



Criminal Organization

“Chris-to-Fear” makes an important observation about the Democrats:

Last night, it occurred to me that the Democrat Party is becoming more like the Church of Scientology each passing day, a cult that no one is allowed to question its leaders or is allowed to leave without permission.




Nancy P. Lousy-alcoholism research


'Rats are for killing the unborn

Kamel toe-obama

Old Hitlery-things that didn't happen

Registered Democrat

Hitlery stole Bernie's primary




CA-Lights Out

CA electric cars

Q: What’s the difference between the sinking of Titanic and the sinking of California?

A: When Titanic sank, the lights were still on.

Titantic sinking


More News You Can Use:


Prayer vs Pledge


Rights and human cattle


And now, in closing:

'Rats-90% of Big Boy Choc cake

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