Sen. Pierre Delecto Ends the Career of Sen. Mitt Romney

Pierre Delecto-Romney-French

Sen. Pierre Delecto Ends the Career of
Sen. Mitt Romney

There goes Mittens’ attempt to take the Chief RINO headdress from Jeff Flake and the late, unlamented John McVAIN!


By J. Marsolo at American Thinker


By now everyone knows that Mitt Romney used a Twitter account named “Pierre Delecto” to attack President Trump, Newt Gingrich, and others. Further, Pierre defended and praised Mitt.

Too bad Pierre was not around to defend Mitt when the Democrats, led by Harry Reid, attacked Mitt for supposedly not paying income taxes, shipping jobs overseas, causing cancer to his employees, being mean to his dog, and so forth. Too bad Pierre wasn’t available to respond to Candy Crowley when Candy stepped in to help Obama during a debate.

Harry Reid was so impressed with Mitt’s run against Obama that he urged Mitt to challenge President Trump for the 2020 Republican nomination so Mitt could run against the Democrat.

Mitt probably thinks Reid meant that as a compliment, and not as a means for the Democrats to win in 2020.

Mitt has led the Quisling Republican attack on President Trump for withdrawing 1,000 American troops from the Syria-Turkey border. The Dems and Romney Republicans are concerned about the Syria-Turkey border but not securing the USA-Mexico border.

Mitt has also taken to Twitter to attack President Trump over the phone conversation with Ukraine’s President Zelensky. Mitt is “troubled” by the conversation and found it “appalling.”

No doubt, Pierre agreed with Mitt.

The good news for non-quisling Republicans is that this should end the career of Pierre/Mitt to be the next John McCain as the go-to-guy whenever the Democrats and the media need a “Republican” to attack President Trump and conservatives. Pierre/Mitt is now a joke, a buffoon. The Dems and media may use Mitt, but nobody has any respect for him. Who now cares what Mitt or Pierre says?

It is difficult to believe that Mitt beat Newt Gingrich in the 2012 primaries, and we got stuck with him and Paul Ryan.


RINO Romney-Pierre Delecto


Pierre Delecto_the_troll




Nancy P. Lousy-staged confrontation

Kamel toe jump start

'Rats-ATM-You again

• Separated at Birth: Alfred E. Newman and Pete Buttigieg

Mayor Buttplug-Alfred E. Neuman

And now, in closing:

AOC-Nancy P. Lousy-Conundrum


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  1. Kenneth Felton 25/10/2019 — 12:19

    I always thought Pierre Delecto was someone who took delight from peeing in the air.

    The reason we got Romney instead of Gingrich was the same reason we got McCain instead of Romney. In 2008, McCain could do no wrong in the fake media. He was a great war hero. Once he won the nomination, it was POW’s can’t be heroes. Romney got that same treatment in 2012. The GOPe were repudiated in the 2016 primaries. Instead of taking their lumps and learning their lesson, they doubled down and supported HIllary in the general. They continue to collaborate in the ongoing coup attempt.

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    • You are exactly right about all of this, Kenneth! President Trump was exactly right to call out the RINOs and call them “scum”. And, as we are seeing more clearly on a daily basis, there is an ongoing coup attempt against the President. That coup includes many RINOs which is no surprise to us.


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