‘RATS Want a Do-Over

'Rats-Trump do over

Schiff-Marxist handbook

'Rats-Orange Man Bad

… then there’s the RINOs:

GOPe behind Trump

We like Deplorables:

Black Deplorables


Criminal Organization

Things to know about WD-40


DC's greatest fear


How did this get past the ‘RAT-infested DMV? Photoshop?




Meanwhile, in the Peoples Republic of Crazifornia:

NASA Releases Night View of U.S.:

NASA night shot

CA pick up line

How to pick up girls in CA

Only in CA

Gasoline prices in California:

CA-gas prices



The Latest News From the PIAPS 
PIAPS – Pig In A Pants Suit




And now, in closing:

Dog's shadow-4 more years of Trump

Duck Duck Go


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  1. michael cenit 27/10/2019 — 09:34

    Just FYI, regular gas out side of Columbus, Ohio last week was $2.39, at Kroger’s ( super market chain that may not be in CA) is less $.10 a gal.

    The power is on, we heat our homes with Natural Gas at a fair price, and our State and National Parks in MI, OH, IN, WV, PA, IL, WI, and all around the Great Lakes are beautiful this time of year. We have all the fresh water we and our wild life need, and lastly we really, really like America.

    Thank you for the update on how things are working out in paradise.

    Liked by 1 person

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