al-Baghdadi Dies; Washington (com)Post Hardest Hit!

al-Baghdadi-Trump years vs. Obama years

al-Baghdadi-Washington Post

(Above) The Washington (com)Post certainly showed where it stands with its fawning obituary for one of the cruelest of Islam’s terrorists. The Washington (com)Post is owned by Trump-hating Uber-Leftist Jeff Bezos, who also controls Amazon. We urge you to boycott Amazon, the Washington (com)Post and all other Bezos-Amazon operations including Whole Paycheck Foods. When we support businesses owned by Leftists, we are paying them to buy the rope with which they intend to hang us. Aside from Amazon, Leftist controlled businesses include Costco, Kelloggs/Keebler/Sunshine, Procter & Gamble and Pepsi/Frito-Lay.

PDJT-Fake News is enemy of American people


ISIS-Who is your Baghdadi


A little refresher course in why John McVAIN was such a despicable RINO:

McVAIN-al Baghdadi


Speaking of despicable RINOs, let’s check up on Sen. Pierre Delecto:

Romney-Pierre Delecto-baguettes

Pierre Delecto is my name


Pierre Delecto-Carlos Danger-better names

Meanwhile, at the Criminal Organization Masquerading as a Political Party:

Criminal Organization

Katie Hill, The Openly Bisexual, Clothing-Optional Democrat Congresswoman Announces Resignation From the House

Katie Hill

Hill represented CA-25, one of the California Congressional Districts the Democrats stole from the Republicans in the 2018 election via “ballot harvesting”. The U.K. Daily Mail has a photo of a naked Hill with a bong showing off the Nazi Iron Cross tattoo she has in her pubic area. The Daily Mail, as is so often the case, has news the U.S. enemedia will not publish, especially when it tells the truth about Democrats. Perhaps the Gutless Old Party will get its act together and flip this Congressional seat back to the Republican side of the aisle.

Katie Hill-Iron Cross tattoo

Democrat Katie Hill has a Nazi Iron Cross tattoo in her pubic area.

Katie Hill-Kavanaugh
Nancy P. Lousy-Pencil neck-secret hearings

Pencil Neck Schiff-not transparentHitlery-NASA



And now, in closing:

Unity and Strength

Duck Duck Go

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