Greetings from Calizuela


Hat tip to “Ajay” for the monicker “Calizuela”.

Bienvenidos à Venezuela Del Norte

While the Kincaid Fire in Sonoma County, California Calizuela and fires in Southern Calizuela grab the headlines, a fire along the Carquinez Strait closed the very busy Interstate 80, strangling San Francisco Bay Area traffic Monday. “Slice”, who works in IT and lives in Crockett writes:

“Amazingly embers crossed the Carquinez Strait to start a fire in
Crockett. I was right in the line of the fire. I went around the
neighborhood to warn / check on neighbors. Many had no clue what was
happening, not ready for an evacuation, and didn’t even have cars to

I was out of power since Saturday but it came on again yesterday afternoon. I had problems working, but was ableto cobble together a network connection via phone hot spot.”

Carquinez Bridge Fire-1

Carquinez Bridge Fire-2

Carquinez Bridge Fire-3


Carquinez Bridge-map 1

Carquinez Bridge-2

The Kincaid Fire rages in Sonoma County north of Santa Rosa. You may recall that Santa Rosa was hard-hit in the fires last November. There are forced evacuations in the cities of Windsor, Healdsburg and Geyserville. The fire is touching on the northern perimeter of Santa Rosa and reaching east into the Napa Valley.

Kincaid Fire

Screen shot of the forced evacuation areas in the Kincaid Fire. Go >>HERE<< for the interactive map. The map is labeled Sonoma County, but you can move around and see virtually all of Northern Calizuela. Hat tip to “Chris-to-Fear” for the link to the map. As of this writing, this fire covers more than 75,000 acres. Brown areas are those without power.

Kincaid Fire Map

Calizuela’s largest utility, Pacific Gas & Electric, P.G.&E., has cut power to 29 counties. Some areas will be without power for up to five days.

What is this about? P.G.&E. has spent the last 2 decades kowtowing to “environmentalists” and the radical leftists in the State Assembly and Senate in Sacramento. The “environmentalists” have prevented P.G.&E. from clear cutting dead timber and brush from around power lines. Also, P.G.&E., rather than investing in power generation upgrades, to placate the “environmentalists” and the radical Left, has chased the “green energy” rainbow. The upshot of this is an antiquated power grid and power transmission lines that have become fire bombs in waiting because P.G.&E. hasn’t been able to clear cut tinder away from the power lines.

In 2017 Democrats in the State legislature crammed through a gasoline tax increase and a $100 per car increase in the annual registration fee, “promising” to use the funds to repair Calizuela’s crumbling roads and infrastructure. Calizuela’s gas tax was already one of the highest in the nation; since the passage of this phased-in gas tax increase, Calizuela now has the highest gasoline tax in the nation. Gasoline in Calizuela costs $1.50 a gallon more than in most other states.

Several months ago, President Trump saw to it that California will not receive any further Federal (read that Your Tax Dollars) for its insane high speed rail project that is supposed to connect San Francisco and Los Angeles. This entire boondoggle was a pet project of former Governor Moonbeam. The current Governor of Calizuela, Gavin NewScum (a.k.a. Newson-Maduro a.k.a. Newsomavitch (hat tips to R.W.), recently proved what the few remaining Republican and Conservatives in Calizuela have been warning of: that the gas tax monies for road repair and infrastructure improvement would soon land in the pockets of the Unions who act as the ATM for the Democrat party: NewScum “re-allocated” gas tax funds to the high speed rail project, which means the Unions are getting their pay off which means that money will be recycled as donations to the Democrats. Your tax dollars at work, folks!

With the largest population of homeless, the re-introduction of diseases long eradicated, the streets of the cities used as public toilets and the largest population of below poverty-level people in the country, an anti-business climate and taxes aimed at impoverishing the middle class, Calizuela continues its plunge into becoming Venezuela Del Norte.


Moonbeam-Newsome-CA ruined

Gavin NewScum

BJ_ NewScum

NewScum-Best Friend's wife

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  1. Vielen dank !!!!! und wünsch ihnen und ihren Familie alles erdenklich gut, keine Unfall oder sonstiges, Frei und bestens geschult, gegen das Negativen folge, und ihren Familie. feure egal wo sie ist, es ist ein Verheerend nachfolgende preis hat, aber dem nach fingt auch neu leben an. der Kreislauf ist einem Kreislauf, egal wo und was wir müssen unsre leben gott nur
    bedanken das uns davon schonen und Schutzen,, danke nochmal,

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