Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself – The Universe Agrees!






Epstein-wild pig

Epstein-winter solstice


Epstein license plate

Whales communicating-Epstein



The Squad




News You Can Use

Mrs. Pierre Delecto


Who makes you feel Safer

Dexterity Qualification Test for Becoming a DemocRAT Presidential Candidate:

Librul Democrat statue


Daylight Savings Time

Busy, cold night at Stonehenge as they set the clock back one hour:



And now, in closing:

Crazifornia-up in smoke


Duck Duck Go

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  1. Even a half-wit knows that Epstein didn’t kill himself. We know where to point the finger but nothing will ever be done about it because politicians are above the law (or so it seems), especially those to the far left. Honestly, though no one really cares. The public gets in an uproar but they keep electing the same evil politicians responsible for the messes made for decades and decades on end. Hey, I see you used the same funny about the time change. 🙂

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