Trump Trolls Nancy P. Lousy with Epic Meme of P. Lousy vs Hero Military Dog Conan

Tips of the hat today to “The Undertaker”, “Cousin Mary”, “Ajay”
and “B-Squared”


Nancy P. Lousy-I wasn't briefed

President Trump was in a mood and trolled House Speaker Nancy P. Lousy on Saturday with an epic meme of her and the military K-9 Conan, who assisted Special Ops forces in killing ISIS leader Baghdadi.

Trump kept Congress, including leaders such as the Speaker and House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff-for-Brains in the dark about the Special Ops raid that led to the death of ISIS leader Baghdadi.

The President said that neither Nancy P. Lousy nor Schiff-for-Brains can be trusted because they would rather damage the U.S. with leaks than give Trump and the West a victory against ISIS.

Various memes have been floating around of the hero military K-9 Conan and Nancy P. Lousy and Trump retweeted one on Saturday taking a jab at the Speaker.

The meme shows a side-by-side of Conan and Nancy P. Lousy — “I wasn’t briefed” the caption says under a picture of Nancy P. Lousy — but Conan was!


CNN-hero dog sniffed butts


Bag-h-Dadi dog food

Obama-Leader of Isis


Criminal Organization

Nancy P. Lousy_Investigation+Trump+Evidence

Nancy P. Lousy-Schmuck-Bonnie-Clyde

Schumer-Nancy P. Lousy blowup doll

Nadler-Constitutional Crisis

Kamel Toe-jump start in Iowa


Great Comment at another blog – forwarded to us by “Ajay”:

I’ve been listening and watching the Democrat Party, also known as the Socialist Liberal Democrat Party, over these past few years. So far I have learned that: You didn’t build that, you can’t eat that, you can’t use that, you can’t say that, you can’t watch that, you can’t wear that, you can’t own that, you can’t do that, you can do as I say and not complain about that!!!!!!

Do I have it right? I haven’t heard the Democrats offer any policies that will make the economy better than Trump’s, lower unemployment lower than what Trump has done, make the military stronger than what Trump is doing, have a greater GDP than what Trump is doing, etc…. Why would I vote for someone who would send America back to the days of Obama? I’ll vote Trump and Republicans in 2020! I have learned about hate, racism and read about how the Democrats started the Klan after the Civil War! Interesting! The party who preaches racism started it!!!!!!



Modern Democrats

'Rats-train wreck 2020 platform

DNA test

Game show for Libruls

WaPo-Headlines Dorothy


Clinton Crime Family Foundation

Hitlery-drunk tweet-NASA

Clintons-Jehovah's Witnesses



Meanwhile, in Calizuela:

CA Republic-Dead Bear

CA on fire Tweet


Trump: 100% America First

'Rats-Trump is guilty

Trump-impeached over 'Rat crimes

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