Schiff-for-Brains Goes Full Stalinist


Schiff tightens grip on impeachment probe, slaps ‘absurd restrictions’
on GOP witnesses.

Schiff-for-brains-more subpoenas


Schiff-for-brains-CO2-impeachable offense

Schiff-Baghdad Bob

'Rats-Acme Impeachment Hearings

Nasty P. Lousy-New Coke Impeachment Inquiry

'Rats_P. Lousy-Constitutional 40


'Rats sabotage Trump economy

'Rats-Biden-off a cliff


Fauxchahontas-shakedown Medicare for All

Texas Toast-Beto O'Rourke



Steven Hayward’s 

The Week In Pictures – Epstein Meme Edition!

Steven writes:

“I hear the Centers for Disease Control is opening a case file on the sudden onset of Jeffery Epstein “suicide” memes, which appear to be spreading faster than the clap in a 19th century seaside whore house (which whorehouses should not be confused with either Congress, the Clinton Foundation, or Jeffrey Epstein’s private island, though this confusion is quite understandable). I don’t think this is going away any time soon. Can we exhume Earl Warren to head a commission of inquiry? And can we give Beto a fond farewell?”

Read the whole thing >>HERE<<

Books by Steven Hayward – click to sample:

The Age of Reagan: The Fall of the Old Liberal Order, 1964-1980

 The Age of Reagan: The Conservative Counter-Revolution, 1980-1989

•  Almanac of Environmental Trends

 Patriotism is Not Enough: Harry Jaffa, Walter Berns, and the Arguments That Redefined American Conservatism.”


And now, in closing:



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  1. I have never seen a time of such attacks on executive power.😨

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    • Nor have I … The ‘Rats are executing a coup because they refuse to accept the results of the 2016 election.
      Our country is in mortal peril.

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      • Yes our country is in a scary state as is the world at large. It is not going to be pretty as the coup d’etat or coup of 9-11, overthrowers of justice and the constitution is hoping for. Currently the powers that be are testing the weak spots of the republic and nations. The truth is a hell of a riot and not a Tea party either but extremely, extremely massive. Power is already at is own defeat. In the midst of too many and too little if kings and queens lies great deception. Money is losing value as we post. I knew early on in life that wildcat strikes, wage increases, the cost of living hikes were all destructive. Now money will be eaten up more. #1 the invincible monies of credit cards set the stage for monetary confusion and worldwide indebted. Lastly, their are too many billionaires and millionaires that are greeting out the purpose of money and its circulation. As our own leaders betray, they are being undermined thus very moment. There are more of us than it us of them (greedy leaders). Where there is no justice there will be no injustice, when pure evil goes to a fall… SO, the problem is not the 2016 election but an end to this evil system of things, this world, our world, the culmination and journey of sin, The coup d’etat , also know as the cabal must go and will go!!

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