Full of Schiffticus

Schiff-Full of Schiffticus

Devin Nunes
Devin Nunes

“This Is a Carefully Orchestrated Media Smear Campaign” – Devin Nunes Absolutely DESTROYS Democrats in Opening Statement- Brings Up Schiff’s Multiple Lies During Russia Collusion Hoax


Schiff-for-brains- makes the rules

• Schiff-for-brains – Separated at Birth:
(Hat tip: “Chris-to-Fear”)




Unlike Epstein, this meme won’t die …



Epstein-Old Hitlery-Ornaments

Epstein-surgeon general


Epstein-WaPo Obit


Fauxchahontas-Sitting Bull

Like Gilligan, Fauxchahontas only has 1 outfit:




Che Guevara-hero to the Left

What would Che think of Mayor Pete? Inquiring minds want to know!

Mayor Pete's Talents

Nasty P. Lousy-no one is above the law


And now, in closing:

Philadelphia-Boston-Hong Kong

Duck Duck Go

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