Rated M for MAGA!

Hat tip: “Chris-to-Fear” for today’s theme item. Other contributors: “Unkle Jerry”, “Cousin Mary”, “Penny AB”, and “B-Squared”.


Two minute video that will make Libruls heads explode!


Librul exploding head

Original >>HERE<< • Click to play:




'Rats and tuition'Rats-blowing up Democracy

'Rats-Impeaching Trump for being Trump

'Rats-no one is above the law

'Rats-Russians voting for Trump

'Rats-short sightedness

'Rats-vaping impeachment

3M-wiretap Trump

Arkancide occurs

Clinton testimony nap

Country can't survive


Coming home under a flag

How our military sleeps



AOC-Stupid question

And now, in closing:

CA-burned up

Duck Duck Go


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