Fartwell Swalwell



He just single-handedly destroyed the Green New Deal.
I thought cows were the problem.
He who denied it supplied it!

Fartwell-turn on the sound

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One of the most obnoxious DemocRATS in Congress, Fartwell Swalwell represents … wait for it … Calizuela’s 15th Congressional District located in the San Francisco East Bay Area (Walnut Creek, Concord, parts of the Diablo Valley). He launched a bid for the ‘RATs’ Presidential nomination but was the first to drop out. Infamous for his stance on gun control and seemingly oblivious to the implications of what he was saying, he warned Second Amendment supporters that if he were president and launched a gun grab that the government has nukes and would use them on resisters. Wouldn’t you just know that Fartwell Swalwell is on Schiff-for-brains’ “Intelligence Committee” – an oxymoron if there ever was one! The 15th Congressional District was once a Republican district. The RNC should make the defeat of Fartwell Swalwell a priority.


Quid Pro Joe swoops in for the smell:



Meanwhile, the Schiff Storm Continues …

Schiff-for-brains-Latka Gravas

Schiff-for-brains as Latka Gravas

Conservative Tree House is doing a superb job of tracking the Schiff Show. Click >>HERE<< for more. “Sundance” at CTH really gets into the detail and the back story. What Trump is facing is a full-blown coup.

Schiff-for-brains_driling for impeachment

Schiff-for-brains_Impeachable offenses

Schiff-for-brains_parody of fair hearing



Schiff-for-brains_black hole of madness

Schiff-for-Brians_willing to leak

Schiff-for-brains_Barney Fife


In case you haven’t heard …

Epstein-Orion nebula


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And now, in closing:

Deplorables-Lifetime Member

Duck Duck Go


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  1. Eric Butler 20/11/2019 — 02:46

    You smelt it, you dealt it!


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