Adam in Wanderland


Adam in Wanderland

Schiff-for-brains is wandering around looking for a way to make the impeachment of Trump stick. Prof. William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection in a post titled “Attempted Theft In Progress” writes this about Schiff and the DemocRATS:

“The impeachment push is straight up attempted theft of the 2016 election. There’s no good faith. There’s no honesty. There’s not even honor among thieves.”

The irony of Schiff’s zeal to impeach Trump is that Schiff was first elected to Congress on a … wait for it … ANTI-impeachment platform. He opposed Congressman James Rogan’s leadership in the impeachment of BJ Clinton!

Schiff-for-brains_looking for evidence

Schiff-for-Brains-I am not a crock


Schiff-Sondland-No Quid pro quo

Impeachment-What goes around comes around

Nasty P. Lousy's Usual

Unbiased Whistleblower



Criminal Organization

'Rat debate-Kamel toe hooker

'Rats' new face



FartSmell speaking





Epstein-I didn't

Epstein-Hitlery-change my mind

YJCMTSU-head of prisons killary

AOC-Einstein didn't kill himselfeinstein-tongue


Trump-making lives better

Trump-Won a rigged election

And now, in closing:

Trump-Make Libruls Cry Again


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  1. You know I’ll be voting!!

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  2. michael cenit 25/11/2019 — 07:13

    Soros son married to Schiff’s sister, amazing

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