Rules for Thanksgiving

Hat tip: “Diogenes Middle Finger” via “B-Squared”

“Don’t say anything to piss off the liberal in-laws at Thanksgiving” I was told……

” …..just behave and bring the Wine.”

Trump wine

which brings us to

• Trump’s Gorgeous Chest

Trump, Master of the Troll, once again causes massive Pearl Clutching among All The Right People as seen >>HERE<<. 😂🤣👍

Clutch Pearls-vapors

Trump's gorgeous chest

Click to play:


All in the Family

Hunter Biden's Baby Mama

Hunter Biden’s “Baby Mama” Was A Stripper At A Club He Frequented

This while he was having an affair with the wife of his recently-deceased brother! What a guy! As a bonus: Strippers allegedly used sex toy on Hunter Biden at NYC’s Hustler Club.

Biden-price of coke

Biden hound


Trump Pardons Turkey, Democrats Outraged!

Trump pardons turkeys

Trump-turkey pardon

Nasty P. Lousy's impeachment turkeyFauxcahontas-Pierre Delecto


News You Can Use

BJ-Epstein-Prince Andrew

Clintons are like herpes

Family gives Thanks


The Turkey Resistance:

Turkey resistance

… And now, in closing:

thanksgiving_turkey in hiding

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  1. Love it, thanks for the smiles and chuckles!!

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