LOPA – Leave Our President Alone!

Eric Trump triggers the Lunatic Left with this tweet:

LOPA-Leave Our President Alone

The predictable reaction from the Lunatic Left can be sampled >>HERE<<.



In the You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up category,
Quid Pro Joe delivers the goods:

At the launch of Biden’s “No Malarkey” bus tour of Iowa, Quid Pro Joe bites his wife’s finger as she gestures while speaking. Click to play:

Biden-No Malarkey bus

Joe Biden-knows Malarkey

Biden-sniffing hair


Biden disabled

… next up:

Bernie-Change My Diaper


More News You Can Use:

News You Can Use





Texas Real Estate Agent

And now, in closing:

Must vote Democrat

Duck Duck Go


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  1. Too funny!! The radical left has no idea what is coming!!😂Four more years!!!

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  2. Prayers out to our government. We were once a great nation and now we are so divided and vulnerable. I am wondering what would really wake our nation up. 💕❤️

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