Friday Funnies – Rhymes With Orange Edition

Friday Funnies jpg

Rhymes with orange

Nothing rhymes with orange

doorhinge rhymes with orange

Gullible rhymes with orangeEpstein-rhymes with orange


Moving right along …

Gnude Beach

Underwear bandit


Fine Moments in Education:

English Lit. PhD

E in spelling


News You Can Use

More News You Can Use:

Gallop Poll

Godzilla looks tired

Full tank

Evelus Knievelus

Fords of NorwayJPG

How stars die

Retiring proctologist

LifeSaver flavorsDog's faith-Chair's strength

Iron deficiency


Wedded Bliss:

hand over the credit card


Wedded bliss-Lucifer



WWLLTM-flying broom



Who Wore It Better?



Separated At Birth

Separated at Birth-Greta Thunberg_Big Brother


Know the Difference:

Know the difference - Chicken




Floriduh man burns house down

Floriduh Man Friday: Don’t Cry Over Spilled Meth

Floriduh-spilled methGet the scoop right >>HERE<<


Mexican Word of the Day



And now, in closing:



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  1. That was a particularly good one, Louis. Nice to see some jokes that don’t have a chance of being elected.

    Liked by 1 person

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