The Clinton Body Count – Part 1

We would give a hat tip to the reader who sent us these memes, but we don’t want to later learn that he has committed Arkancide … just sayin’ …

Arkansas Sudden Death Syndrome

BJ-Railroad track murders



Epstein_BJ-sex slaves

Epstein-Obamas not worried

Epstein-Hitlery-suicide watch



Clintons and mysterious deaths

Clinton Zone-suicide watch


Clintons-ruled a suicide


Hitlery Kill List

Epstein-Clintons-Suicide 56

Ban the Clintons

BJ finds his suicide date on Old Hitlery's calendar

Continued >>HERE<< with Part II

Duck Duck Go


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  1. Those are some scary numbers!! How do these people sleep at night?😳

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  2. michael cenit 08/12/2019 — 08:17

    That JFK JR connect is new to me,

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  3. Goes to show how bad Washington is with insane corruption.

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