The Clinton Body Count – Part 2

We would give a hat tip to the reader who sent us these memes, but we don’t want to later learn that he has committed Arkancide … just sayin’ …

Continued from Part 1 >>HERE<<

Arkansas Sudden Death Syndrome

Hitlery-Donna Brazille-next victim

Vince Foster

Killary Krime Syndicate

Hitlery-just like that-a suicide

Hitlery-coffin-kept mouth shut

That nap you take before testifying against the Clintons


Another Arkancide


Hitlery-testify against us

Ghislaine Maxwell-Epstein-Arkancide

Arkancide-Epstein investigator


BJ-Sgt. Schultz-know nothing

Suzanne Coleman

How to get rid of Kim


Government witness protection

Government-keeping prisoners safe



Hitlery Kill List

Ban the Clintons

Duck Duck Go


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  1. I was signing every email with SETH RICH, until EPSTEIN was murdered…. or is he still alive somewhere? Who really knows….. certainly not you nor I. I’ve been doing this for 50 years!!! It would be funny, if it wasn’t so serious. It goes to show, the CIA can put almost anyone in the president’s office! But they didn’t get Billary in!!!

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