Donald vs. Goliath

Tips of the hat today to “B-Squared” and Steven Hayward.
Check out Steven Hayward’s
Year In Pictures – Happy New Year Edition >>HERE<<

Donald and Goliath

'RATS_2020 candidate

Nasty P. Lousy Action Figure

Madcow Fake News Man of the Year

Life cycle of a Librul

Fauxchahontas-apple trees

John Wayne on Libruls

… which brings us to 
• Dinner at Bernie’s:

Dinner at Bernie's


Quid pro Joe logo

Hunter Biden's character)



The Squad

RUH-ROH! NY expected to lose House seat after 2020 Census and just guess why AOC’s seat is “particularly vulnerable”


Sad Trombone

AOC's new job at Hooters

AOC-52 wks vacay


• We have a New Year, but one thing remains the same:


Epstein-2019-2020 New Year

Epstein_Not Epstein


Epstein still votes DemocRAT


And now, three items in closing:

Trump-Libruls-Leap Year

Trump-Yep-still President

Trump-Happy New Year-SYP

Drudge has sold Conservatives out. Get your news from The Bongino Report

Bongino Report

Switch your search engine to Duck Duck Go!
They don’t track you & sell your data!

Duck Duck Go

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