Iran’s Air Force Prepares to Strike U.S. 😂

Hat tip today to “Slice” for the theme & several other images.

Iran Air Force

Pallet of cash

General Salmonella


Trump_Mullah-Gen. Salmonella

Gen. Salmonella’s remains were scraped up off the concrete and put in a box that occupied 3 seats on an Iranian airliner back to Tehran:

* “Gen. Salmonella” – Hat tip: “El Rushbo” 🤣😂

Salmonella's box

The Terrorists’ Official Truck of Choice, Toyota, was shunned to carry the box of Salmonella’s remains in favor of a … DRUM ROLL … CHEVROLET! MAGA!


Salmonella's Chevrolet

Salmonella Funeral Chevrolet

Soleimani's widow

Gen. Salmonella


A (ahem) Blast From the Past:

Trump-Obama-Red Line

Obama-Mullah-Death to America


3M-Old Hitlery-Iranian Advisors


Nasty P. Lousy-Mullahs-singing from the same hymnal


Tehran graffiti

And now, in closing:

People sleep peaceably

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