Friday Funnies – How Rumours Get Started Edition

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• Floriduh!


Floriduh Man  Floriduh Woman  Floriduh Parrot:

Floriduh parrot

Floriduh Police Respond to 911 Call

“Let me out! Let me out! Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhh!”

When a Florida neighbor heard those chilling cries, the logical next step was to call 911. Four Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputies pulled up and confronted a man who had his wife’s car on blocks in his driveway.

In a minute, the mystery was solved. The man walked inside and returned with his parrot.

A video, posted online, does not identify the individuals involved or reveal the location of the incident, except to say it occurred Dec. 29 in the Lake Worth Beach, Florida, area.

In it, the parrot clearly can be heard saying “let me out” and letting out heart-wrenching groans.

When the deputies showed up and explained their concerns, the man turned, smiling, and called, “Rambo.” He tells the deputies he’ll bring out the perpetrator, and when he returns with the parrot, the deputies burst out laughing.

In a posting under the video, a person, presumably the man seen in the video, wrote, “I was changing the brakes on my wife’s car and had my 40-year-old parrot, Rambo, on his outside perch where he sings and talks. Sometime later four police officers showed up saying a neighbor called because she heard a woman screaming for help. I promptly introduced the officers to Rambo and we all had a good laugh. Afterward, I also introduced Rambo to the neighbor who called in the screaming. She too had a good laugh.”

The person added, “Sometimes Rambo yells ‘help, help, let me out’. Something I taught him when I was a kid and Rambo lived in a cage.”

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And now, in closing for this Friday:


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