How Many DemocRATs Does It Take To Solve A Problem?

'RATs fix a problem

Pelosi villages

How the 'RATs run CA

'RATs_Socialists-You make it they take it

'RATS-vs -iran death to America

'RATs' political playbook


The Squad



Omar-enemy at home




Fauxchahontas-only gov't should have guns

False Flag Democrats

Facts about the 'RATs



DC cockroaches

Chelsea vs. Ivanka


GOP vs 'RATs_Irreconcilable Differences


Dollar for each gender

Gender is a spectrum


Bernie Sanders-diehard Communist

Crazy Bernie then and now

Crazy Bernie-pot luck



More News You Can Use:

News You Can Use

Climate change or arson

Kneecaps Nadler

Kill list


And now, in closing:

DemocRAT vs Republican voters


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  1. Paul,

    The Val Kilmer meme is great!

    Liked by 1 person

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