Spartacus: Departicus!


Spartacus Booker

Spartacus' poll numbersSpartacus-killed in action



'RATs and lightbulbs

AOC-Plum Stupid

Nasty P. Lousy - unhinged

Nasty P. Lousy-lost

Nasty P. Lousy-Fauxchahontas-hammered

'RATs voting for Obama

Ilhan Omar-Trojan Horse

Ilhan Omar-viewing world through bars of oppression

Iran-blame it on America

Iran - friends

Death to America


Quid pro Joe logo

Biden baggage

Biden murdered Navy SEALS

Soy Latte attack


Mini-Mike Bloomberg-Nanny State Tyrant

Mini-Mike Bloomberg-bans drinks


I'll be Tremendous


Drawing a red line




And now, in closing:

Impeach Congress Keep Trump

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