“It’s Going To Cost You $20.20”

Hat tip: “Mr. Undertaker”

It's going to cost you 2020

Nasty P. Lousy-bullet pens vs. Trump's Sharpie

Dershowitz vs. Nasty P. Lousy
Nasty P. Lousy-no one...except

Schmuck_Nasty P. Lousy blaming Trump and Reagan

Real reason for the 'RAT's impeaching Trump

'RATs and Islam

'RATs' Funding Priorities


Quid pro Joe logo

Quid Pro Joe-Idiot

Quid Pro Joe-slime

'RAT frontrunners


'RATs-Loud and dumb

AOC-sinking 'RATs


And now, in closing:

NEVER vote Democrat



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  1. The far left hates America and anyone who wants her to be a great, wonderful nation. Most repugs are too weak to stand against the political demwits evil ways. I hope all liberal politicians on both sides go down faster than the Titanic this year!

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