Rona Barrett Interview of Trump, 1981

Hat tip: “Ajay”

This is a remarkable interview by Rona Barrett of Donald Trump, who was 34 years old at that time.

Thirty-nine years ago, Trump was already sounding the themes that got him elected President. 

Click to play:


Trump: 100% America First

Resistance to draining the swamp

Exposing illegal things


C.S. Lewis-Abolition of Man

Kasparov on Socialism

Young Bernie Sanders

Socialist Americans

Socialist Locusts


Characters whose plans always fail

Journalism 101

How Librul Minds Work

'RATs-impeachment sisyphus

Schiff for brains on the lie detector

Team USA or Team Iran

if-dumb-and-dumber-had-a-child-schmuck-P. Lousyi-AOC

I asked a man in this marching Pro-Second Amendment group why he was
carrying a Hong Kong flag.
He said, “It only seems fair. They’re holding ours.”

Hong Kong-U.S. Flags

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