Friday Funnies – Medical ID Bracelet Edition

Friday Funnies jpg

Today’s Edition is dedicated to “Dr. Mc”, the Official Friday Funnies Staff Neurologist and also to all our other readers in the Medical Profession: “Nurse Cindy”, “Doc Jeff”, the entire staff at CTR – and we’ll even include the guy we eventually all end up with, “Mr. Undertaker”! 

Life alert

Life Alert bracelet

Cancer in the familyJPG

A wise doctor once wrote

Rx Drug ads

AnesthesiologistHelium tankEther-oarjpg


Banned straws in hospital

Book in you

Coke-Pepsi-Dr. Pepper




Healthy personDr. and grumpy patient


endoscope is near

I doctor


Med School

ER Nurse-great story


Which segues to these, dedicated to “Mr. Undertaker”:

Cecil and the chainsaw


Grave mistake

The End



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  1. Eric Butler 24/01/2020 — 03:29

    The Undertaker fully appreciates and approves. He’d have gladly replied himself, but he’s been so busy. He’s buried in work.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. How true the statement ” A patient cured is a customer lost.” First day of med school. They really don’t want to cure us at all, just give us more prescriptions. Avoid them whenever possible!

    Liked by 1 person

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