Markel Farkel’s Meghxit

Hat tip to Steven Hayward for several of today’s images.

Harry_Markel_Farkel_trailer trash


Prince Harry - moves out

Prince Harry-balance time

Artist formerly known as Prince

Prince Harry-McDonalds

Prince Harry-2 Trump haters move to Canada

Prince Harry-Asylum

Prince into a frog

Prince Harry economic equality

Prince Harry-Dominated by wife

Prince Harry-Ukraine jobs


How An Anti-gun Librul is Made

Hat tip: “The Undertaker”
Click to play:

Trust the government-guns

This Organization Does Not Sell Arms

Guns and causes of death

… speaking of the media lying to us – here’s zackly how it works:

How Fake News Works

Fake News


Trump-Rosa Parks-Muhammad Ali


You da bomb

And now, in closing:

Me Not caring about Harry and Markel Farkel


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  1. I have never understood why so many people in the US are so interested in Britain’s “royal family.”

    When Dick Vermeil was head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles he was asked if he was going to watch the “Royal Wedding.” His answer was, “The Royal What?” That’s a great answer.

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  2. michael cenit 26/01/2020 — 08:13

    It’s likely most problems in the world today stem back to the old British Empire (India/Pakastan, Middle East, Africa etc), what is total amazing is the British Royals have managed to still be the British Royals.

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  3. This is outstanding as usual!!

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