Impeachment, Animal House Style!

Hat tip: “Len D.”
Click to play:

In the meantime, the ‘RATs try to figure out how to take out both
Commie Bernie and Quid Pro Joe:

Click to play:




Commie Bernie-Ayatollah

'RATs and commies can't trust the vote

'RATS should pick up their own Schiff

AOC-Schiff_for_brains-Uncle Fester's kids



Fauxchahontas-Sitting Bull


Fauxchahontas-not a white Cherokee


Babylon Bee

Schmuck-Investigate the Investigators

Democratic Leaders Call For New Investigation To Investigate The Investigators Investigating The Investigators
Story >>HERE<<




Coronavirus-bat-xi jingpin

bud light virus

Quid Pro Joe-corona cough


Greta-Climate Change-your fault

Commie reality


Prince Harry-learn to code



Trump-for my next trick

Trump-acquited-hard to swallow

Trump is not my President ring

And now, in closing:

Trump - because the Uniparty isn't working

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