Nasty P. Lousy RIPS UP Her Copy of SOTU Address


Nasty P. Lousy rips up SOTU

The Speaker of the House refuses to applaud the President at the State of the Union address, instead, she rips up her copy of the address. Quite a remarkable display of pettiness and partisan hate. Meanwhile, it creates a strong contrast as President Trump presents an optimistic outlook for a bright future …

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We must turn out and vote in numbers greater than what the Democrats can steal and take back control of the House and increase our numbers in the Senate. The Democrats prove over and over that they must be removed from office; that they cannot be trusted with power.

'RAT vote for crime

Nasty P. Lousy-what losing looks like

Cocaine Mitch-Nasty P. Lousy-pen

'RATs feel the Bern

Commie Bernie - Make Depression Great Again

Mini-Mike_Must be this tall to participate

'RATs vs Trump view of voters

Old Hitlery-groundhog day

Old Hitlery-Veep

Trump vs Swamp Monsters

Ripon, WI

Trump_Bloomberg_Billionaire Bowl

Trump_Groundhog Day Election

And now, in closing:

Trump-Heart of this new movement


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  1. I’ve never seen such immature, self-destructive behavior as has been shown by the Dems the past few years! They sure make it easy to make fun of them.

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  2. Shameful!! You all need to vote her out!!😠😠

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    • Unfortunately her District will keep re-electing her – or someone even more radical than her. I am thankful I live in one of those rare California Districts that has a Republican Congressman. (Tom McClintock)


  3. Steve Dezarov 18/02/2020 — 07:54

    Great posters and thanks for helping us patriots get the word out on the pitiful commie party!

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