Friday Funnies – Adding Insult to Injury Edition

Friday Funnies jpg



Angry cat-Insult_Injury


… more Katzndawgz

Curiosity Killed the cat
Notice all the computations, theoretical scribblings, and lab equipment, Norm. … Yes, curiosity killed these cats.


• The Friday Funnies Health & Nutrition Corner:

Fat people harder to kidnap

Bacon crunchies

which segues to:

Chicken cross the road

• Boys Will Be Boys:

Boys night out


… which brings us to 


• Wedded Bliss, Batman Edition



WWLLTM -Framing a house

WWLLTM-hedge trimmer edition

… Closely related 
• Why Men Age So Quickly

Click to play:

• Romance Tip – Valentine’s Day is Next Friday!
(Hat tip: “Curious as a Cathy“)

Romance Tip

More News You Can Use

News You Can Use


Early Bird gets the worm


Night shift

42 Year-old Pastor


MWOD-Joe Biden

• Separated at Birth

Separated at birth-mop_whoopie

• Know the difference:


• A Common Scene in “Dr. Mc’s” Office:

The Dr. will be with you in a minute

And now, in closing:

Brush with death

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  1. Love The Big Bang Theory reference; it is one of my favorite TV shows ever.

    Liked by 1 person

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