Surprise Winner of Iowa Caucuses!

Hat tip to “B-Squared” for many of today’s items.


Speaking of items from the Babylon Bee:

Leftist Hypocrisy Jet

Climate Crisis Solved By New Jet That Runs On Liberal Hypocrisy
Story >>HERE<<


Fauxchahontas-Sitting Bull

Fauxchahontas falling like a rock in New Hampshire:

Fauxchahontas Free Falling

Fauxchahontas-black sharecripper

Fauxchahontas black woman


Commie Bernie

Commie Bernie-body count

Commie Bernie-How to make millions selling Socialism to idiots

Commie Bernie-Scarecrow


The Squad



Criminal Organization

'RAT's Impeachment crash

'RATs crack stupidity barrier

Mayor Pete's 2nd coming out

And now, in closing:



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  1. You had me rolling again! That old man of the mountain must have been a Democrat!!

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