Trump Does a Lap at the Daytona 500

Trump laps Daytona 500 in The Beast

President Trump did a boffo performance at the Daytona 500 this weekend. He once again exhibited his talent for simultaneously delighting his supporters while living rent-free in the heads of his enemies. Other than appearing at a National Rifle Association event, what other way could he better needle the media and the DemocRATs (but I repeat myself …) than by appearing at a NASCAR event?

On his way to the event, he had Air Force One flown 800 feet over the stadium to the delight of the attendees:

trump-daytona-500-air force one

As Grand Marshall of the race, President Trump and First Lady Melania announced the beginning of the event:

trump-daytona-500-start your engines

Then, the President and First Lady officially began the race by doing a lap around the track in “The Beast” as the 22,000 pound Presidential limousine is called:

Click to play:

Trump Daytona 500

Trump laps Butt-gig



Bread Line Bernie-burning up 'RAT's chances of the WH

Bread Line Bernie-over the cliff


Climate Change-laughable

Climate Change-Virus



DNC-Gun Free Zones

oBOMBa-funds to Iran

… Why he’s known as oBOMBa:


Nasty P. Lousy Impeach Biden

Nasty P. Lousy_life support

And now, in closing:

Nasty P. Lousy urinal

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