Quid Pro Joe – Towed to Victory

Quid Pro Joe-towed to victory

Super Tuesday Takeaways

The DNC Club, in a panic to rob Fidel Sanders of the ‘RAT’s nomination, has coalesced behind Quid Pro Joe.  Fauxchahontas is toast. She came in third behind Quid Pro Joe and Fidel Sanders in her (ahem) native Oklahoma and Taxachusetts. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Quid Pro Joe-Dementia

Meanwhile, Quid Pro Joe, displaying further signs of dementia, introduces his wife Jill as his sister Valerie. You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up. Fact:

Quid Pro Joe tweet-confused

As usual, The Babylon Bee is right there with a meme that is fiction, but when we are dealing with Quid Pro Joe, could just as easily be fact, especially in light of Quid Pro Joe confusing his wife and sister!

Babylon Bee

Quid Pro Joe-can beat Ronald Reagan

We know that St. Trollus of Covfefe will have a fine time with all of the antics of the Clown Car DemocRATS!

St. Trollus of Covfefe

Biden Empathy

Off the rails 'RATs

Buttigieg Out


Fidel Sanders

Fidel Sanders explains where funding will come from

Fidel Sanders-Lenin

Fidel Sanders-Ruskie ideas

Fidel Sanders-no need for TP





Madcow-man of the year


Center for Democrat Control

And now, in closing:



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  1. Obama and Judge Judy hitched their wagon to Bloomberg!! Who is the next candidate they’re going to help now that Bloomberg quit?
    Bloomberg spent 500 million dollars on his campaign – doesn’t that in itself tell us just how STUPID he is?
    Warren lost in her own state – I guess they know best, eh?!

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    • I was surprised to learn that Judge Judy had thrown in with Mini-Mike. Mini-Mike’s expenditure of all of that money to secure the votes only of Samoa (!!!!) makes one wonder how he was able to build a successful news business. That Fauxchahontas couldn’t even carry Taxachusetts cracked me up! That was sweet!

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